Medical First Aid (MFA) builds on the Elementary First Aid from the basic STCW 95 module.  MFA is designed for crew and officers who will be on the front line, providing medical first aid and assistance to the medical Person in Charge, in the event of an incident on board.  Recommended for all serious yacht crew.

This course covers:

  • Structure and Function of the Human Body...


ICT specialises in yacht crew training.  From STCW 95 basic safety training all the way to the MCA's Master <3000 ton (Yachts) .  Our standards are amongst the highest in the industry and our pass rates are second to none.  We provide Interior, deck and engineering training, so whichever route you want to take we can keep you on track and on budget!

Our STCW basic safety training course is our speciality and it is the perfect starting point for getting into the yachting industry.  We will not only provide you with the STCW training but also with a network to help you get established.  The price of the course includes a seatime logbook which is vital for recording your seatime and we also offer the advice and information we know you will need.

We use the latest simulator technology and the most modern facilities available and...

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