Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We will give you advice on content, layout, photo etc. We run CV clinics free of charge. Please remember to use spell check!!  As you can imagine we see many resumes and CVs and we can spot a good one a mile off so don't worry about making needless mistakes we'll put you straight!

ENG1 is the term used to describe the medical exam required by the MCA for crew members working aboard British flag vessels.  It involves a pretty 'normal' medical examination in order to get a certificate valid for two years.  There is a doctor just across the road from our office who can undertake the ENG1 exam and in fact he is one of only two doctors in the United States who offer this service.  Contact us for more information or visit here in the Ft Lauderdale Information section of the Crew Resources Pages.

Our friendly administration staff have the authority (and the stamp!) from the MCA in order to certify your original licences and important legal documents as true copies. This will save you having to send these important documents by mail.  If you want us to validate a lot of documents at one time we ask that you give us a few days notice.  We will also only validate copies that we have made here on our copier.  

Keep track of your seatime and training in one of the excellent ICT Log Books found in our store. Go to our Helpful Links and Documents page to download your seatime form. In many cases, in addition to your log book, you will also need a completed Seatime Testimonial Form found on the Documents page.

Please go to our Helpful Links and Documents page and locate the MCA form -  MSF 4343. Download this form and follow instructions. The instructions are pretty clear and straightforward and if you are stuck we can put you in touch with the PYA who may be able to help and advise.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency implements the government's maritime safety policy in the UK.  As most yachts are governed by British law, it is fair to say that the MCA sets the standards for the yachting industry as a whole.  The MCA serves the interests of making seafarers safer, ships safer and the seas cleaner.  Interestingly the MCA is not a profit seeking business as is the case with many of the smaller flag states, so MCA policy is designed around its core principles and not making a return!

Yes. Our courses are approved and recognised by the RYA, MCA, US Coastguard, IMO, STCW etc, etc.  See our approvals page for the full list of regulatory bodies that recognise and endorse our training.  Our standards are very important to us and we are one of the very few training establishments in the world to hold recognition from so many flag states around the world.

You will need STCW 95 of course, everyone does!  In addition to STCW training you have some choices and these depend on your interest and of course your budget.  If you are just starting out, the best advice is not to spend too much on unecessary training. We advise you to save your money until firstly, you decide if you like yachting and secondly you have decided which direction you want to head in.

There are three typical ways into the industry; Deck, Interior and Engineering and there are three courses that give you the basic minimum training you need for each of the diffrent specialisations. So, with only two weeks of training you can be ready to work on a yacht in an entry level position.

If in doubt feel free to call or email us for advice, our Contact details are listed here.  Go to our Career Path link to see what courses you will need to take to achieve your goal and what other factors should be taken into account, for example sea time, logged miles etc. Remember to check if any of your existing qualifications have an expiration date and should be updated.  We will give you straight, honest advice guaranteed!!!

In nearly all cases the yacht you work on is responsible for covering your healthcare costs.  That said the value and extent of the coverage that yachts offer varies greatly.  It is important that you understand what coverage a yacht offers so that you can ensure you have what you need and want.  Please go to our Health/Travel Insurance link in the Crew Resources section of the website.  

You have the opportunity to make a very good salary and the tips can be very high indeed.  Please see our Crew Salaries page but remember to also read about tax information at our Financial Planning/Taxes link. Working on a boat is a great way to save money and pay off debts. You have virtually no living costs: Food, (non-alcoholic) drinks, accommodation, laundry, uniform etc are paid for by the boat. In some cases even your toiletries and transport (each boat will have a different policy in this regard) are covered as well! If you are sensible, you can make great savings, fast. Dont forget, long after you have spent all the money you make, the stories you have to tell will be with you forever!

Please go to our visa link.  All non Americans will need a B1/B2 visa in order to enter the US on a yacht.  The B1/B2 visa is designated by the US government as the correct visa for yacht crew.  Even Canadians are well advised to get a B1/B2 as the visiting privileges they enjoy do not extend to entering the US by private yacht.  South Africans also require a visa to enter the Schengen countries of the EU.  If in any doubt about your status with regard to travel in and around typical yacht cruising grounds, speak to your relevant government agency or local consul.  In most cases yachts will expect you to have the appropriate visas before you will be considered for employment.  Check out our visa page here for further information on how to apply for a B1/B2 visa.

There are many different types of jobs aboard yachts however they are routinely divided into three departments:  Deck, Interior and Engineering.

Deck Crew do most of the maintenance work on the exterior, they also keep a watch or lookout when the boat is at sea.  Most deck crew have basic boat knowledge or experience but it is not essential as there are several short entry level courses that can provide the requisite skills and certification.  Check out the deck courses we offer for more information.

Interior Crew are responsible for delivering the full range of 'hotel services' to the guests or owners of the vessel.  This department includes chefs.  The service standards aboard yachts are exemplary and the operating environment is unique.  With just a few days training you can start out as an entry level steward/stewardess and train along the way.  Check out our interior training courses here. 

Engineering Crew are responsible to keep the yacht and all of her systems running smoothly.  There are many complex systems in use from hydraulics to electronics and everything in between.  The entry level for engineers is the AEC which can be taken with the STCW and is enough to get the ball rolling in yacht engineering.  We offer the MCA training programme for engineering courses details of which are here.

Absolutely! CREW.ICT is our job placement company and as one of our students we will not only register you and verify your training, we give you pointers to perfect your resume, help you find the best networking events, point you in the direction of the marinas and ship yards and assist you in improving your interviewing techniques. We help you to help yourself and will always put you in front of yachts.

There are jobs all year round. Crew turnover is constant and crew are flown around the world to join boats. Historically, the Med is busier during the summer season and the Caribbean/Bahamas/Fort Lauderdale is busier in the winter from September until May: Basically the boats follow the good weather and run away from the bad!   That said the seasons really have started to merge into one in the US as many yachts prefer the 'quieter and calmer' summer months to cruise both in this region or travel further up the Eastern seaboard.  Jobs are where boats are, so your best opportunities are where the marinas and yards are full. The boat show in Fort Lauderdale at the end of October is probably a job hunting peak time but the parties are so prevalent that some have no time to look for a job!

Any time of year! We are open all year round (including most public holidays!) and run courses on a frequent basis. The STCW 95 operates at least every other week and sometimes even more often.  The Interior, Deck and Engineering entry level courses always follow the STCW 95 course.  Please see schedule at the top of the page

All credit cards, US checks, Certified checks, money orders and cash are accepted as methods of payment.  You can also wire or transfer the money direct to our bank.

The short answer is yes we do! There are nearly always packages and offers available throughout the year and you should enquire if you haven't been advised of the latest ones.  In addition we will generally discount you if you wire us the money net of fees or, book multiple courses and pay in full at the time of booking.  In essence we will always try and be competitive but we can't simply match the price of cheap training schools, our goal is delivering quality and value and we are sure you will return here after your initial experience.

It is important to book your course as far in advance as possible. Without the 50% deposit we are unable to hold a space for you and many courses fill up fast. We are happy to reschedule with advance notice as many times as needed as we realise many of our students have a busy and sometime unpredictable schedule. The summer tends to be a little quieter and the absolute busiest times are September thru November and March thru early May so advance booking is a must. We very rarely cancel a course and have not done so in years, so please don't wait until the last minute in order to see how many people are on the course.

Please visit the courses page check the prerequisite requirements listed at the top of the page for each individual course. There will be specific requirements based on the course for age, sea miles, days at sea, medical certificate, successfully completed pre requisite courses etc.

There are multiple options to get around ranging from renting bicycles, scooters and cars to an extensive public transport system. If your accommodation is within the 17th Street area, the school and all amenities you need are within walking distance. If you do rent a bicycle or scooter, please wear a helmet!!! Click here to reach our full list of transport options.

There are many accommodation options in Fort Lauderdale. There are unlimited choices for hotels and motels at every price level and of course we have special rates for our customers. Alternatively, there are a number of specifically designed crew houses all within walking distance of ICT. You can choose to stay in an efficiency or apartment by yourself if you wish to study in peace or in a dorm type of room with multiple other crew and everything in between! Crew house prices will obviously be reflected in your choice. We recommend those of you looking for work to stay in a 'crew house' as it is a great method of networking, getting the vibe and generally learning about the industry. They can also be a lot of fun! Please see our accommodations link for a full list of where you can stay.

If you plan on trying to join a boat immediately after your course(s), PACK LIGHT! Use a soft bag or rucksack that can be rolled or flattened to store. Laptop, camera, Ipod and phone are all essentials, but can be purchased after the first few pay checks!  Not too many warm clothes as you will be sharing a very small space! It is useful to have a smart polo shirt and shorts or skirt as interview presentation is very important.  If you are carrying medications, make sure you have a valid prescription. 

On the first day of your course, please bring your passport or a recognised Photo ID. Also a method of payment to pay for the second half of your course if you have not already done so.  Writing materials are always useful but note books are supplied. Please see each individual course for lists of any items required for the course and any required reading lists. All required tools and publications can be purchased in our store and shipped to you.  Alternatively, you can make the purchase and we will have it placed on your desk when you arrive.

We ask for a 50% deposit when booking the course. This will secure your place. You must pay the balance of the course cost 5 days prior to the start of the course.  If for any reason you are unable to make it and we are unable to accommodate you by rescheduling, we will of course try to return your money to you, net of any credit card fees. To see our complete booking, cancellation and refund policies, please click here.

Well, where else is better? Of course we have sun, sea, sand and the associated nightlife.  But, more importantly "Lauderdale" is a top place for crew resources:  Boats, Boat Jobs, Boatshows, Networking venues, Crew houses and a great exchange rate for visitors from abroad!  Fort Lauderdale is known as the "Yachting Mecca of the world" and certainly lives up to its reputation. So if you want to join the Yachting Industry or you are already a part of it and want to move to the next level, come to Fort Lauderdale for the best possible opportunities. And, in your spare time, why not take advantage of the beautiful beaches, excellent shopping and the fun found only in South Florida. See our crew resource page for Fort Lauderdale information.

ICT not only offers the absolute best value for your money, but it also offers the best education available. The instructors have years of experience and knowledge to share with you.  Courses are  packed with relevant and clear information and the very high pass rates reflect all of this.  We run every course imaginable from interior operations to engineering, deck and master courses.  We offer free clinics and seminars on financial management and resume building. We assist you in any way we can to make yourself and your resume as marketable as possible. Our staff are friendly and helpful and we want to be of service throughout your career. We are located in Fort Lauderdale - the ultimate location to start or further your journey in the Yachting Industry.